Things to know about cannabis

Cannabis legalization and society

The question of whether the legalization of cannabis should be promoted can be considered from different perspectives from a scientific point of view. For negative consequences to result from cannabis legalization, several conditions must be met. First, legalization of cannabis must result in a larger portion of the population beginning to use cannabis. Second, cannabis … Read more

Is cannabis a gateway drug?

Cannabis has long been described by both politicians and addiction experts as a gateway drug that would lead to stronger drugs (so-called “pacing”). This was mainly confirmed by the fact that many heroin users had previously used cannabis. This notion still persists in certain segments of the population and often causes great concern among consumers’ … Read more

Cannabis should no longer be prohibited

Cannabis cultivation and trade is to be regulated. However, a finalized bill has yet to be presented. Cannabis should be comprehensively legalized, according to the recommendations of the two parliamentary commissions. The green plant should no longer be banned, reports That is the view of the two parliamentary commissions. As a result, a draft … Read more

HSG research project on cannabis

The University of St. Gallen will begin a new study on cannabis in everyday life in spring 2022. A St. Gallen cannabis pilot is also currently being developed by the Unexplored Realities research group. A study on the successful use of cannabis will begin at HSG in the spring of 2022. Explored for 21 months … Read more

Cannabis and competitive sports

The greatest American sprinter could not participate in the Olympics because she had used marijuana. Cannabis use is common among top U.S. athletes. However, scientific research on the subject is still pending. When the women’s 100-meter race began at the Tokyo Olympics, American star runner Sha’Carri Richardson was absent. She had qualified with a fantastic … Read more

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