Pilot testing cannabis

Pilot testing cannabis

The Cannabis Research association is planning three pilot trials in the cantons of Zurich, Bern and St. Gallen with ETH KOF, University of Zurich, ZHAW and ARUD. Plans call for several “cannabis specialty stores” to serve as dispensaries.

Complementary to the governmental studies organized by the cities of Bern, Basel, Zurich or Lausanne, the ETH KOF / University of Zurich studies are intended to provide generalizable statements on the legal, economic and social consequences of a possible future cannabis legalization and explicitly also test possible distribution and regulation options.

In the study, in contrast to the black market, products of controlled, high organic quality are dispensed. All product groups available on the black market will be available, i.e. vape cartridges and THC oil in addition to flower and hash.

The pilot test is designed for 5 years. Participants will be surveyed multiple times during this period using interview questionnaires.

Who is the research team?

Michael Herzig

Social Work | ZHAW

Michael Herzig

Prof. Michel Maréchal

Dep. of Economics – | UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH


Dr. Andreas Beerli

KOF Economic Research Center | ETH ZÜRICH


Alyosha Henkel

KOF Economic Research Center | ETH ZÜRICH


How is data protection ensured?

The Cannabis Research association places the highest value on data protection. Therefore, interested parties and participants in the experiment are not required to digitally disclose their real names. Disclosure of personal data is necessary only within the framework of concrete inclusion in the experiment: for this purpose it is necessary to fill in various forms. However, this happens once and on paper. The paper is then deposited in the safe of a law firm. Participants receive a student ID card that contains certain personal information. However, they have sovereignty over this themselves. And they receive an identification number that allows them to handle all communications anonymously during the trial.

Who can participate?

According to the Pilot Test Ordinance, individuals who meet the following requirements may participate in a pilot test:

One must have at least Be 18 years old. Pregnant and breastfeeding women are excluded. Likewise, persons incapable of judgement. Then you have to be resident in the canton where the experiment is carried out. Individuals with medical conditions that have a contraindication to cannabis use are excluded. And finally: you have to already be using cannabis.

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Cannabis Research Pilot Zurich

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Cannabis Research Pilot Test St.Gallen

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Cannabis Research Pilot Test Bern


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Cannabis study in Zurich.
Focus: Harm Reduction

The pilot trial in the canton of Zurich answers questions regarding the social and economic consequences of cannabis legalization and examines the effects of a harm reduction program on study participants.

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    Cannabis study in St.Gallen.
    Focus: Urban-Rural

    The pilot trial in the canton of St. Gallen addresses, on the one hand, the willingness to pay for cannabis products and, on the other hand, the social and economic consequences of the legalization of cannabis for consumption purposes in the urban and rural population.

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      Cannabis study in Bern.
      Focus: Urban-Rural

      The pilot trial in the canton of Bern aims to provide causal evidence on the question of how regulation of distribution channels affects the legal and illegal use of cannabis.

      Also examined are the social and economic consequences and the impact on the black market.

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        The research team of the pilot tests

        Frequently asked questions about the pilot tests

        Under what criteria may one participate in the studies?

        • You must be at least 18 years old.
        • They are already using cannabis.
        • You live in one of the three cantons where the pilot tests are taking place.
        • You have a basic knowledge of German
        • You have the possibility to participate in online surveys via cell phone, tablet or PC and have a valid e-mail address.

        When are you not allowed to participate in the studies?

        • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
        • If you are a minor
        • If you are incapacitated
        • If you have a medically diagnosed medical condition for which cannabis use is contraindicated.

        Is it possible to be on waiting lists for different pilots in the same canton?

        Yes, but once onboarding starts on a trial you have to decide which one to join.

        How long do the studies take?

        The studies cover a period of between 3.25 and 4 years

        What cannabis products can be purchased as part of the study?

        We offer a choice of 10 different products. Among them are four different dried flowers. Two different kinds of hash, two oils, or two vapes.

        Will you share my information with the police?

        No. We do not share any identifying information with the police. We collect their personal data for the study, however, these are stored anonymously.

        Do I have to hand in my driving license for the duration of the study?

        No. You do not have to hand in your driver’s license. However, all participants in the study are also subject to road traffic laws when driving a vehicle. Zero tolerance applies when driving a vehicle under the influence of cannabis.

        Am I allowed to consume cannabis in public spaces?

        You are allowed to consume cannabis in private premises. However, consumption in public spaces is prohibited.

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