Cannabis should no longer be prohibited

Cannabis should no longer be prohibited

Cannabis cultivation and trade is to be regulated. However, a finalized bill has yet to be presented.

Cannabis should be comprehensively legalized, according to the recommendations of the two parliamentary commissions. The green plant should no longer be banned, reports That is the view of the two parliamentary commissions. As a result, a draft law is being prepared.

Following the recommendation of the National Council, the Commission for Social Security and Health of the Council of States (SGK-S) also supported this step. Parliamentary services reported Tuesday that 9 members voted in favor and 2 against. Now the matter is back to the SGK-N.

Heinz Siegenthaler, National Councillor from the center of Bern, initiated the initiative. With this proposal, he wants to “better protect youth and consumers” by regulating the cannabis market. The co-signers include 40 National Councilors from all parliamentary groups.

The Cannabis Regulation Act, officially known as the “Federal Narcotics Law,” provides that cannabis with a high THC content can only be legally produced, trafficked, consumed, and sold in accordance with the recommendations of the Federal Commission on Narcotic Drugs (FCSD). The four-pillar model of Swiss drug policy is considered.

This means, for example, that government agencies must retain control over production and trade in order to ensure the protection of minors, consumer protection and information. The medical sector must be separated from the non-medical market.

The goal of the initiative is to eliminate the black market by repealing prohibition, according to the text. Instead, cannabis cultivation for personal use is regulated by the new legislation.

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