Cannabis plant research

Cannabis plant research

About the association

The Cannabis Research association was founded in the summer of 2021 with the aim of supporting research on the plant cannabis. Since then, we are often asked why we do this. We are happy to provide information.

We believe that evidence-based research is an important tool for good legislation. That is why we are active as a sponsor of so-called pilot tests and want to provide parliamentarians and the administration with facts so that they can create good laws with good foundations.

  • We are liberal on drug policy and want to promote a fair, fact-based discussion on cannabis as a plant.
  • We believe in the medicinal potential of the plant cannabis and therefore support projects dedicated to the research of these potentials.
  • We believe that everyone should contribute to society. That is why the association is organized as a non-profit organization.

The association Cannabis Research is presided by RA Dr. iur. Paul-Lukas Good. He is a business lawyer, non-smoker and founding partner of Good Attorneys at Law. He is also involved in various start-up projects as well as in the fields of art and philosophy. For many years he has been dealing with the criminal and administrative law basics concerning the plant cannabis.

The Board

Paul-Lukas Good

Association President

Camille Roseau

Co-marketing manager of the weekly newspaper “WOZ

Arne R. Weiss

Senior Impact Evaluation Specialist, Center for Evaluation and Development

Political Advisory Board

Corina Gredig

National Councillor Zurich | GREEN-LIBERAL

Nicolo Paganini

National Council St.Gallen | DIE MITTE

Kilian Baumann

National Council Bern | GREENS

Jörg Mäder

National Council Zurich | GLP

Barbara Gysi

National Councillor St. Gallen | SP

Yvonne Feri

National Councillor Aargau | SP

Franziska Roth

National Councillor Solothurn | SP

Katharina Prelicz-Huber

National Councillor Zurich | GRÜNE

Gerhard Andrey

National Council Freiburg | GRÜNE

Heinz Siegenthaler

National Council Bern| THE MIDDLE

Association partner and independent research team

Michael Herzig

Social Work | ZHAW

Michael Herzig

Prof. Michel Maréchal

Dep. of Economics – | UNIVERSITY OF ZURICH

Dr. Andreas Beerli

KOF Economic Research Center | ETH ZÜRICH

Alyosha Henkel

KOF Economic Research Center | ETH ZÜRICH

Frequently asked questions

Who is behind the Cannabis Research association?

The association serves as a sponsor for the pilot trials for the private use of cannabis approved by the FOPH and has as its purpose to engage in cannabis research. The pilot tests are designed to explore regulatory models for legalization. The association was founded by the business lawyer Paul-Lukas Good and has, in addition to the presidency, numerous scientific partners and a broadly supported political advisory board.

What is the motivation behind the commitment?

The association Cannabis Research is basically positive towards the plant and a legalization of cannabis consumption. However, we believe that it is important for the legislative work that is now underway to provide policymakers with evidence-based foundations to set the right framework. As the sponsor of the so-called pilot tests, we would like to provide this evidence and facts for the attention of politicians and administrators. If politicians decide to liberalize the market for private cannabis consumption, we would like to commercialize the knowledge gained as a platform within the scope of the association’s purpose.

Are you in favor of the legalization of cannabis?

The cannabis pilot trials are designed to explore regulatory models for legalization. The association Cannabis Research is positively disposed towards legalization for factual reasons. Otherwise, we would not be involved in this area at all. Consequently, we are liberal on drug policy and welcome the fact that good, evidence-based regulation is being sought for eventual legalization.

What distinguishes the pilot trials of the Cannabis Research association?

Our research team from the University of Zurich and ETH use quantitative methods with which causal statements can be made. In the process, some of the participants, the so-called control group, continue to go to the black market. So we compare black market on the one hand and different models of a “legal” market on the other hand.

Where is the Cannabis Research association active?

In the cantons of Zurich, Bern and St. Gallen.

How many participants is the Cannabis Research association looking for?

In the cantons of Zurich and Bern, we are looking for 5,000 participants and also about 2,500 people each for the control group. In St. Gallen, we are looking for 5,000 people.

Are there financial interests behind the association

The first phase is to establish evidence-based foundations via pilot testing. On this basis, policymakers can choose the best possible regulatory models. In return, the association’s expenses and income are in balance, i.e. the pilot tests themselves are not commercially interesting. If politicians later decide in favor of liberalization, the association would like to use the knowledge gained commercially itself in the longer term, if necessary, within the framework of the association’s purpose.

Who is a producer in the Cannabis Research pilot trials?

We work with 3 producers, namely Swissextract AG, Charlie’s Lab AG and Members Only GmbH.

Who is doing the distribution for the Cannabis Research pilot trials?

Originally, we wanted to work with CBD stores as distribution partners. However, this was vehemently rejected by politicians and many municipalities (especially the cities of Bern and Basel). Therefore, the association decided to look for a service provider willing to operate specialized stores as outlets. The problem that has arisen is that so far there are no providers of cannabis specialty stores. Dr. iur. Christoph Good has agreed to make the initial investment for a distribution company after various individuals and companies approached declined. Rivamo AG will now operate the sales outlets or organize distribution for the pilot trials of the Cannabis Research association. In addition, we cooperate with various pharmacies as points of sale.

We provide facts so that good laws can be created with good foundations.

Our goal is to offer different
Legalization Designs
test against each other
and about the effects
empirically proven statements
to be able to meet.

Cannabis Research Association
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