Cannabis research

Cannabis Research publishes peer-reviewed research, reports, and articles to provide clear, evidence-based information without political or commercial influence.

The purpose of the association is to support projects and researchers who study the plant cannabis.

It’s time to change the recreational use
of cannabis scientifically under
the magnifying glass.


The Cannabis Research Association is an association of experts working on research into the effects of recreational cannabis use.

The association advocates for fair and comprehensive research on the recreational use of cannabis.

We believe that the future of cannabis management is being shaped today. We want to be a part of this.


Organization and implementation of pilot tests

Organization and implementation of scientific events

Support for researchers

Support discussion of scientific topics outside universities

Support for the publication of scientific books / articles


We believe
at the fact that
the future of the
Dealing with
Cannabis today
is designed.

Join us and support us with a donation or take part in the pilot tests.


Cannabis Research is a nonprofit that brings together experts and researchers who scientifically study the recreational use of cannabis.

We believe the future of cannabis use is being shaped today and want to be a part of it.

Our vision is that the plant cannabis and its use by humans and other living things will be fully and fairly researched. This includes both positive and negative aspects.

We believe that
evidence-based research is an important
instrument for good legislation.
That is why we as a sponsorship
active for so-called pilot tests and
want parliamentarians and the
Administration provide facts so that they
with good foundations good laws
can create.

Cannabis Research Association
Langstrasse 20
8004 Zurich